Tuomas Karhula


Business Manager, IT Security, Frendy

Liiketoimintapäällikkö, tietoturva

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Tuomas is the best information security pal for Finnish SME companies.

He has been working for merging security solutions into one unified package since 2007.

Frendy in brief

Frendy was born in 2021 from an observation by established IT entrepreneurs.

The need for IT services of small and medium-sized companies is growing due to increased information work, while simultaneously the most advanced IT services are only accessible to larger companies.

Frendy fills this void by serving small and medium-sized businesses with the best possible expertise and local support throughout Finland.

Frendy is comprised of several successful IT service companies, and Frendy’s future growth is supported by the private equity investor Procuritas. Frendy employs some 360 IT specialists working from 20 different locations. Frendy’s revenue is close to 66 million euros.